“Birdhouse” with the #Pentax #MZ7 #filmcamera on #expired #fujicolor #superhq #film #filmisnotdead #filmisback #filmlife #filmlover #ilovefilm #filmphotography #35mm #35mmfilmphotography

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Discovering the beauty of film photography

Over the last few months, I have been drawn to the art of film photography, and I am not quite sure how it began. Back in the late 90s I owned a point and shoot 35mm film camera, but back then it only served a utilitarian purpose. I used it capture images of the moment, and […]


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“Speak to me spoke to me in a great way.” Suburban Cry – Blues Artist from Rowley, MA.  

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Ruach Ruach Wind of the spirit Ruach Ruach Life-giving fountain In the beauty of time You manifest your love Love unfailing Love divine Ruach Ruach Life everlasting Ruach Ruach Joy never-ending

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This Child of Mine

At the shore of an ocean Vast and grey A child stops to play Picking shells from the sand And watching the water dance At his fingertips May God bless this child May God bless this beautiful soul This child of mine…

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