New Website, New Breakthroughs

website-screenshotSome days I get pretty overwhelmed, when the cares of life take hold and I feel so unproductive. It is a truly terrible place to be as an artist and a creator, when the frustration mounts and the doubts set in. Thankfully, after a big move in my life, I am beginning to feel the peace of God in my life again. Today I got to work at doing what I have been intending to do for some time now. After a night of toiling on the computer, learning the ins and the outs of hosting a website on my own personal server, I finally got it to work this morning. There is such a great feeling one feels when a breakthrough happens after many unsuccessful tries!

The new website can be accessed at both of my domains and It is truly a one-stop place for all my released music, featuring a jukebox, lyrics, my photography and videography links. Best of all, it works on all devices and screen sizes! Needless to say, I am truly thankful today for the breakthrough and for the opportunity to share my passion and craft with the world.




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