How I Write Music


I have always been an introspective person. I have been called aloof, an introvert, head in the clouds, you name it. Regardless, I have always considered my connection to what lies within me as more important than what often surrounds me. When I became born again, I discovered this new peace and understanding that transcended words and imagination. The word of God, the Holy Spirit and prayer filled me with such a wealth within and stirred up my gifting through music as a means of expression.

Through the many difficult periods of my life, I have depended on this inner expanse of beauty and strength to guide me, and I am a better man and a better Christian for it. This connection is really what I tap into for my music. Often times the music starts as an image, an emotion, an overwhelming feeling that demands an outlet. Each of these moments have a different color, a different texture and are very unique experiences. Thus, I have felt these “urges” in the desert of my life when I was in the midst of the trials and also in my times of celebration and joy.

The actual writing experience starts with a line, a phrase and often times a short melody. If I listen and pay heed to that moment, the rest of the music and lyrics usually flows out with such ease. As I write, with my guitar or keyboard, I often envision myself as directly talking to God. In that place there are no barriers, no pretense and oftentimes the music comes out as a simple yet profound melody and usually with an unconventional chord progression. The lyrics often do not rhyme because in that moment I do not feel the need for that additional layer, that pause to create an impediment, when the emotions and the feelings are so profound.

Here are some of my song samples.


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