The symbolism in my album covers: Totally Set Free


Front cover revised.jpgLet me get this out of the way, I love monochrome, and early in the creative process of my first album, I decided to go with a monochrome theme for all my albums. I also decided then to use my children as models for the projects. The reason was simple… deep down, I felt that my music would become my “love letters” to my children and the generation that will come after them. My children also signified the purity and the innocence and the simplicity of faith that I greatly admire and yearned for:


When you found me I was living in the darkness

I had no way of knowing how to get out of it

Then you brought me gladness

Joy ever-flowing in you


Lord it’s been some time since I have been delivered

But yet sometimes I feel like I’m going back to that

State of Denial

What would it take to be


Totally set free…

 (Excerpt from Totally Set Free, Copyright 2011)   


The cover image was unique because it captured my son in an unguarded moment around the camera, when he actually let out a natural smile. Don’t get me wrong, my children are very photogenic, however they have always been such a bundle of activity that it has been quite the challenge to get decent photos out of them. In this particular instance, we were out in the playground in the spring and I managed to capture this brief moment of sheer excitement. This excitement that the image conveyed perfectly matched the title of the album, by portraying the freedom of being totally set free from sin and its power that I yearned for in the song.


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